Name Position Field of research
Yuval Garini Head of Lab
Irena Bronshtein-Berger Lab manager Organization of the genome
Pramod Kumar Post Doctoral Fellow Study of Biological Samples Using Spectral Imaging System
Anat Vivante Ph.D. The effect of nuclear structural proteins on chromatin dynamics
Hila Na’aman M.Sc. Single Molecule Methods in-vivo: FCS and FRET
Efrat Roth Ph.D. Single molecule studies using DNA origami in vitro
Eugene Brozgol M.Sc. Super-resolution microscopy (STED)
Yifat Haddad M.Sc. Analyzing the dynamics and organization of the chromatin in the nucleus of the cell
Ben Aloni M.Sc. Integrated spatial-temporal methods for studying the effect of lamin A protein on genome organization
Alex Glick Azaria M.Sc. Study of nuclear proteins and how they affect on mechanical properties and stability of the nucleus
Vered Levy M.Sc. Studying chromatin organization using 3D FISH method
Nitzan Segal B.Sc. Telomere dynamics as a function of cell cycle

Previous students

Shira Gilboa M.Sc. Fast TPM measerments
Moshe Lindner PostDoc 3D Tethered Particle Motion
Liat Altman-Rosenfeld Ph.D. Single Molecule RNA transcription
Eldad Kepten Ph.D. Studying the nuclear environment through chromatin diffusion
Guy Nir Ph.D. · DNA-Protein interactions using Tethered Particle Motion
· Single protein unfolding and refolding
Aharon Stern B.Sc. Organization of the genome
Itamar Kanter M.Sc. Studying the mechanism of splicing factor using in-vivo dynamic methods
Shirly Krenzler-Berezin M.Sc. Genome organization in the nucleus
Kira Joel B.Sc. Studying DNA-protein interaction using TPM
Elad Tauber M.Sc. Single molecule – protein dynamics
Natanel Mendelman B.Sc. DNA protein interaction
Yael Fater B.Sc. Single molecule live imaging
Yonatan Israel B.Sc. Genome organization
Roey Pomerantz B.Sc. Genome organization
Vladislav Murashenko B.Sc.
Yevgeniy Telepinsky B.Sc.
Miri Elazar B.Sc.